Xprima.com Corporation consists of Auto123.com, Networkpixel.com and EVOLIO, and is made up of over 150 experts sharing the same values:



commitment to excellence

team spirit


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a few statistics

  • Over


    projects brought to completion.

  • More than

    1,000 clients

    across Canada.

  • More than

    25 interactive

    marketing consultants.

  • More than

    15 ux, design,

    Web development, SEO and marketing specialists.

  • More than

    50 web specialists

    trained and placed at dealerships.


EVOLIO creates turnkey online marketing solutions for dealers of new, used and recreational vehicles in Canada.

The company offers unmatched expertise in several domains: online marketing strategies, training, customer service, online advertising and website creation, all adapted to automotive-sector professionals.

Optimized to meet the needs of dealerships’ customers, our solutions allow clients to maximize their business opportunities on the Internet, while solidifying the emotional bond that links them with their customers.

Our websites integrate perfectly with CRMs and DMS; they are tested and optimized to guarantee better conversion rates. They also benefit from the best UX (user experience) practices and the latest graphic-design trends.

In addition, EVOLIO offers an Internet Specialist recruitment and training service for the management of websites and online requests.


Dealers of new, used and recreational vehicles.



Created by a team passionate about both new technologies and automobiles, Auto123.com is at the service of consumers and the Canadian automotive industry.

Auto123.com is the most visited and most comprehensive automotive site in the country, and features: road tests, vehicle specifications, industry news, coverage of international events and vehicle-shopping and maintenance tools.

Auto123.com is also a network of several satellite sites exploiting different niches and markets, such as women car buyers, automotive racing, classified ads, etc.


Shoppers in full car-shopping mode.

Dealers wanting to sell their used vehicles use the shopping and car maintenance tools.


Automotive enthusiasts.

a few statistics

A team of more than 50 artisans devoted to the automotive field stand behind Auto123.com.

  • Every month, Auto123.com is:

    1.6 million


  • 7.3 million

    page views

  • 40 road tests

  • 28 reports and articles

  • 28 blog


  • 46 industry news


  • 25 videos

  • 1,500 photos

  • Auto123.com is also:

    More than 7,000 fans on Facebook

    More than 13,000 followers on Twitter

    Over 7 million videos viewed on YouTube


a few statistics

  • More than

    33 websites

  • 160 million

    page views

  • 35.5 million



Networkpixel.com is an advertising network representing advertising space in Canada on several sites belonging to different (vertical) categories such as the automotive domain, entertainment, travel, sport and the market for women.

In addition, Networkpixel.com allows for the targeting of users connecting to the Internet from a mobile device.

Networkpixel.com also offers media creativity (conception of banners and landing pages), content creation and integration, text creation and research services as well as a comprehensive range of multimedia production services (photos and videos).


Advertisers and publishers.